Trusting When I Cannot See

Am I Willing To Be Clay In His Hands?

On Monday, I woke up singing the chorus of the song “Counting Every Blessing”  by Rend Collective:. Here’s the link to the song

I searched and found the full lyrics and this sentence jumped off the page and into my heart…

“Letting go and trusting when I cannot see.”

In addition, this scripture had been rolling around in my head for a few days….

“Or are you denying the right of the potter to make out of clay whatever he wants? Doesn’t the potter have the right to make from the same lump of clay an elegant vase or an ordinary pot?
Romans 9:21 TPT

I felt a correlation between the song and the scripture.

God doesn’t always (in my case…never) give us a clear view into the future. Sometimes, He needs our willingness in the midst of Him creating us. The same lump of clay formed into a beautiful vase can be returned to that lump and created into something entirely different. Same clay, it just looks different in the hands of the potter.

Does it feel like this sometimes? When we can’t see where things are going in our business, does it feel like we’ve been smashed back into that lump of clay awaiting God’s next design for our lives?

As entrepreneurs, ‘trusting what we cannot see” is the hardest thing we have to do.

I’m here to encourage you.

First and foremost, friend… are NOT alone. As business owners, we ALL feel this way from time to time.

Second, there are tough times when we have to blindly trust God with our businesses. We have to allow him to do whatever He needs to do with us as the clay. Whether He leaves us as the beautiful vase or he smashes us down to the lump and starts over. Trusting Him as the God who loves us, has a purpose for us and has a hope and future for us….this trust is what we have to lean into during these times.

“Letting go and trusting when we cannot see.” This is my prayer for you today. Whatever you are going through right now, I pray that even though you cannot see the final clay creation, you will be able to trust your Heavenly Father to make the best choice for you, your business and your life.


Jennifer Edwards
Clay (probably in the form of a lump)

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