Fractional CEO & Strategist

Fractional CEO & Strategist

It’s About Freedom!

Having your Fractional CEO (Chief Financial Officer) is about your peace of mind. It’s about having another set of trusted eyes helping you navigate the ship. It’s about letting you chase your zone of genius without restriction. It’s about freedom!

They are here to help you make business decisions based on facts and figure instead of reaction, emotion and overwhelm. Every month your CEO will determine the direction of your company based on the financials and will forecast based on your strategy and goals. They will meet with your bookkeeper for review of the books and any needed structural adjustments. They will meet with you for quarterly and annual strategy sessions to help you accomplish what you set out to do.

Aside from taking the boring stuff off your plate, they will be your trusted advisor, that person who helps you walk through the money issues you can’t tell anyone else. Celebrating big wins is as difficult as dealing with big losses because you can’t share either with anyone. Your CEO will be there with zero judgement.

Work with Us

With your Fractional CEO, you get the experience without the high cost of a salaried position.

Fees begin at $1,500.00 per month plus a one-time on-boarding fee. Contract is a 12 month commitment.

Monthly Fee includes:

  • Monthly review of finances
  • Up to 2 hours of monthly meeting time to review finances + needed coaching
  • Monthly meeting with bookkeeper for review and adjustments as needed
  • Qtly strategy session and review of previous quarter
  • Annual strategy/goals setting session at the first of your company’s fiscal year

What does the one-time on-boarding fee include?

  • Kolbe assessment + coaching with a certified Kolbe Coach
  • Clifton’s Assessment with coaching session with a Certified Clifton’s Coach
  • Session with tax strategist CPA
  • Vision/strategy session with vision board and goals setting
  • Review of bookkeeping with recommendations on changes so you can see at a glance your profit margin in all of your streams of income.

What other's have said.

Scott M

I engaged with Jennifer from the inception of my business, as I needed so much insight on the basics, and what began as basic coaching through the setup of accounting systems and foundational elements of a successful small business has become a powerful strategic partnership where our weekly calls serve as strategic sessions that establish or verify my goals and trajectory for the week and beyond.  Her experience, knowledge and insight has proved to be of critical importance in my businesses success, and her encouragement, wisdom, and character have been of critical importance to my success as a business owner.  Aligning with Jennifer as my fractional CEO has been one of the best decisions I have made in the growth of this business, and could not recommend her more highly.  

Kristen H

My work with Jennifer has been enlightening and transformational for my business.  Although I have an entrepreneurial heart and vision for where I want my company to go, I quickly realized that bringing in a strategic partner to help with the “nuts and bolts” of finances was going to be a critical piece to our success.  Jennifer has an extraordinary ability to make the complicated spreadsheets and formulas that are necessary in business finance tangible and easy to understand.  Additionally, she is a wonderful communicator and listener who sought to understand what my goals were and then provided step by step plans to ensure longevity and profitability.  My company is thriving, I know my numbers, and I am making more informed financial and business decisions than ever before!

Marcia H

Before I found Jennifer I was feeling lost, inadequate, and ready to give up.  I constantly felt like I didn’t have a grasp and was not qualified to run the business God had blessed me and my husband with.  I didn’t even know where to begin.  A friend recommended Jennifer and Direction LLC to me.  I started digging in to her website, listening to her podcast, and reached out in a last stitch effort before I gave up and hired someone so I could walk away. After our first conversation I knew she was the path that could bring our business to the next level and give me the tools to sustain it.   If you do not have a plan you are planning to fail.  And I was flailing around without a solid plan.  The vision session and strength finders sessions have given me invaluable insight and allowed for us weave that knowledge into our plan. 

I thank God for Jennifer every day.  Her knowledge and direction has been a gamechanger.  I have been able to shift my mindset away from wrong thinking, allowed me to set realistic goals and have a manageable path to reach those goals.  My work with Jennifer has allowed me to tap into the confidence and skills I already had.  It is mindset, goalsetting, business strategy all wrapped in an executable package.  I was super overwhelmed before I found Jennifer and a little timid even thinking anything could help me.  It has only been a few months but my work with Jennifer has already allowed for balance and peace knowing we have a solid plan and I no longer want to give up!  I know I am just where God intends me to be and thankful He placed Jennifer in my path.  My world will forever be changed for the better because of Direction and Jennifer.

Tony R

Jennifer’s approach is warm, engaging and transparent. Trust and integrity are two things I value most in business. She helps me identify both strength and weaknesses in my business in a way that keeps my dignity intact. She’s been advising me how to structure my goals for success. Our weekly meeting are engaging and encouraging. She has empowered me to take risks, to fail fast. I cannot say enough about the confidence she has developed in me.

Trisha J

How to describe working with Jennifer Edwards: while growing your business, she keeps you on task…and she does this in an upbeat, positive manner. When leaving a meeting with Jennifer, one is energized, empowered, and upbeat — ready to attack your assignments (yes, there is homework). She joins us with laughter and joy — and sometimes even a tear or two. All in all, working with Direction and Jennifer Edwards is an amazing, invaluable, and eye-opening experience.

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