I like to call myself the fixer. With my 22 years of experience which ranges from being a bookkeeper to a Chief Financial Officer for a multimillion dollar construction company, I assess the systems and procedures currently in place. I then simplify it based on the owners/manager’s needs. In the end, the bookkeeping process will have procedure manuals based on proven systems so almost anyone can take up where someone else left off. It allows the owner to step in if needed when an employee takes off or leaves. It helps in the hiring process of a bookkeeper because the processes and systems are in place so almost anyone can keep the books organized.
The data within those receipts is priceless. By having up to date bookkeeping, your accounting program can tell you which direction your business is going. It can provide you with monthly reports which could literally save your business. It can help you understand from month to month if your efforts are returning a profit. The data will point you in the correction direction for your profit margin. It can help you with cash flow in the future. The reports will show whether or not you should make an investment. Numbers don’t lie.
A vision board is a tool to help you achieve your big life goals. The process allows you to dig into your authentic self to ensure you’re on the right track or discover something new.

The board itself is a constant visual reminder of where you’re headed so it’s always top of mind and you don’t miss opportunities.