• Executive Retreats • Staff Development • Team Building

    Guided Vision Board Sessions offer productive time for owners, management and staff to get hyper focused on the corporation’s goals. This method of development allows each participant the time to focus on his or her personal contribution to the corporate goals while at the same time consideration is given to their own talents and skills.

  • Private Sessions for Owners

    Vision Board Sessions can be a very useful tool for owners to return to your original passions and dreams. A private session allows you to remove all distractions and remain focused long enough to get re-centered and point you towards your original vision for your company. Once you have your Vision on a board where you can see it while on the run, it stays at the top of your mind.

  • Private Sessions for Executives

    An individual Vision Board Session for your executives can be directed so your visions and goals for your company are the focus. They will go through the process with the company in mind. Their Vision Board can end up having the dreams for their lives combined with the company focus and goals. It’s a win-win. Your executive will feel as though they are an important part of your team because their talents and skills are combined with the company’s vision.