There’s something undeniable and inescapable about being an entrepreneur.

We have a fire within which keeps us going far beyond anything we thought we were capable of doing.

It is this energy and spirit, which inspired me to build Direction, LLC. For more than 20 years, I have been fortunate enough to live the entrepreneurial life. Some of that time was alongside my husband in a multi-million dollar construction business while other times it has been smaller ventures with just me. Selling our business so soon was never our plan but the opportunity arose for us to do just that. It is with that experience under my belt that I want to help others succeed.

Being a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit coupled with my desire to help women succeed created a natural progression for me to be a Business Consultant and Coach for women business owners. I love the fact that I have this rich experience and can use it to help other women not only reach their dreams but exceed them. There’s nothing more awesome for me than to lock arms with a fellow female entrepreneur to help them realize their passion, acknowledge their talents and discover the opportunities which arise from that combination.

Even with the joy I find in entrepreneurship, life must include more.

My husband Ron and I are adventurers. We love travel, great food, family and friends. We take every opportunity to jump in the truck or on an airplane and see the world around us. We believe travel stirs our creativity and opens our minds to what is yet to be. To keep us grounded, we have regularly scheduled family game nights where you will find us doing everything from Human Size Hungry Hippo to a spirited game of cards. Our love of great food leads us to chef driven restaurants and many have told us we need to write a blog. Maybe that’s next on our list. Oh, and what would life be without amazing friends? We are beyond lucky to have a support system of friends who have our backs and will be there for us at the drop of a hat.

Life lessons are often learned through tough times and we’ve had our share of those however it is through those time where we grow, stretch and surprise ourselves. If we’d gone through the tough times and just locked them away, it would have been in vain. Instead, I choose to use every single experience I’ve learned through the good and the bad to help you succeed.